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Our Social Mixers & Corona Covid-19

12 March 2020 – updated 30 March 2020 – The world is currently kidnapped by a global crisis and also The Netherlands have taken its measures to fight the crisis. As we are dependent on our Social Mixers and on you who join the meet-ups, we have decided to cancel all events until 28 April 2020. This means every Social Mixer that has been created will be set as canceled and all who have signed up will be informed automatically by us.

Follow our email notifications for more information about your subscriptions. Please login to set this up.

We are aware that this is a painful decision, but remember only together we can end this, so please stay safe, healthy and we will see you hopefully in a few months time! #stayathome #blijfthuis

What is Social Mixer?

When you are new in town you would like meet more people than just your colleagues, room mates or fellow students. This platform is designed on the basis to actually meet each other in a social environment. Enjoy your area’s locations (pubs, museums, parks, restaurants, clubs) with like-minded people who are happy to also meet new people. Register and check it out how it works!

1. Register an account

Register yourself for free, add a nice picture and you are ready to go.

2. Sign up for a Social Mixer

Find a meetup event (Social Mixer) to meet like-minded people in your area. Or organise your own Social Mixer and invite others to join you!

3. Meet like-minded people

Meet like minded people during your Social Mixer and make new friends!

Why English, we hear you asking? Well, the world of people who is looking to socialize in The Netherlands consists of 50% expats and coming from outside The Netherlands. This doesn’t mean you have to socialize in English, but we like to keep things accessible to everyone!

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